Radio Racket 2022

Thanks to those of you who took part.
We had a blast.
We're working to make a recording of this year's show available in the coming days.

A work-in-progress.

This site will be updated in "Racket time."
So it could take a little while.

It would be nice if this page eventually becomes a thing, but for now check in occasionally to monitor its gradual improvement.

Annuals every July.

Usually toward the end of the month.

TRIVIA- The annuals started with the "Radio Racket 7 1/4-Year Reunion" in 2013, intended to be a "one-off." Response was greater than expected, and the tradition has continued every summer since. The yearly show has survived more than three times longer than the original weekly one.

The Ward-Beck.

It's been re-located several times since Radio Racket began, but each of the first six annual shows ran through this vintage Ward-Beck console.

TRIVIA- The Ward-Beck console used for Radio Racket was originally in service for years at Philadelphia's venerable EAZY 101.

Several short "Facebook Live" videos from recent years can be seen here.


TRIVIA- The original Radio Racket was on the cutting edge of "social media." Long before Facebook and Twitter became ubiquitous, we were among the charter communities of the now-defunct Yuku social network. Radio Racket was also on Casual Forums, EZ Board, and MySpace.


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